Advisory Board


Joshua To


Joshua To is a founder and managing director at Hattery, an early-stage venture capital fund and ideas and innovation lab that helps build products and organizations that promise to make remarkable impact.

Josh has always been interested in building extraordinary things across the intersection of design and technology. While still in his sophomore year of college (he has B.A. degrees in Design and Communication Studies from UCLA), he founded the socially conscious clothing brand RESONANCE. By developing strategic partnerships, he created a global label that was sold in over 50 stores internationally. In 2005, Josh was named “one of the top 15 college students in America” by Newsweek for the impact he created through thoughtful design aimed at fostering social and political awareness.

After graduation, he started working life as an entrepreneur, founding BRUTE LABS in early 2006 to explore what impact a small group of passionate but fully-employed young people could have. Since its inception, the team has launched over 12 projects which include implementing clean water projects in Africa, tackling childhood obesity through a program called RUN! and distributing maps to the homeless of Santa Monica, California to help them locate services available to them. After BRUTE, Josh joined Google where he led technology development for global email communications to advertisers, publishers and users. During his time there, he also served as a business development consultant with Joshua holds bachelors degrees in Design and Communication Studies from UCLA. In 2013, Josh was listed as part of the GOOD 100 by GOOD Magazine.