Advisory Board


Ramsey Ford

Design Impact

Listed as one of Public Interest Design’s Global 100, Ramsey’s experience as a leader in social innovation is rooted in his background of design, entrepreneurship, and product development. In his 10+ years working as a design consultant, he has helped several Fortune 500 companies develop and successfully market innovative and category transforming products. As a serial entrepreneur, he has developed three successful service and product-based businesses and is listed on several patents. Most recently, Ramsey has invested his efforts in co-founding Design Impact, a social venture that connects design with low-income communities in India and the US. An award winning designer for both his for- and non-profit projects, Ramsey has worked to further the conversation on innovative design in the social sector through numerous workshops, published articles, and speaking engagements. In addition to his work with Design Impact, he is currently a visiting professor of design at the University of Cincinnati, where received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees.