Ben’s Character Cranston in 3D!

November 25, 2010

The 3D Animation students were so impressed with Ben’s “Cranston, the Big Bad Spider” design that they chose to model it in 3ds Max for a project to be printed on the 3D Dimension Printer. The 3D students will be presenting their designs and their models, along with demonstrating the 3D printing process at the 2010 ACTE convention in Las Vegas next week. Ben does not know how to use 3dsMax and the 3D students want to help him see his work in 3D by doing this project for him.


The various views where drawn by Ben using Adobe Illustrator for the 3D animation students to use as reference to model Cranston correctly. Once Cranston was modeled in 3dsMax, we sent it to the Demensions 3D Printer. We were able to print Cranston in 3D, however, the legs do need to be redesigned because we are having difficulty printing them successfully. We are going to try to make them "thicker" and print it again. We'll let you know how it goes.


Cranston modeled in 3D.


This is the first printing and as far as we could print "Cranston" in 3D. The light grey plastic will break away and leave the dark blue plastic character standing on it's own. However, you can see that the thin blue strings of plastic spread around should not be happening. This is the plastic which was to be used for the legs. The legs were to thin that the machine was having a hard time placing the plastic in the correct place.


The cast of characters for Little Red Flying Hood that were displayed at the 2010 ACTE convention.


Tyler and Mrs. Clark at the 2010 ACTE Convention in Las Vegas (December 2010). Tyler was presenting and discussing character development with convention attendees. Ben's work was also shown at the convention.


A better look at the 3D models created and printed by students for the convention. Because of the issues with printing Ben's Cranston, we were not able to show his character printed in 3D. The plastic models can be painted as seen by the snake and dinosaur models. We hope to get Ben's printed and posted soon.