Celebrate! Create!

February 27, 2011

"The mentors were very helpful." Sara

"...did all the work, finished in time and worked with my group and mentor, we all did a great job." Andrew

"This was one of my favorite projects; It not only impacted our lives by creating beautiful pieces of art but the people and community around us was also impacted." Nick

"... the project was very fun and a good way to get students involved." Alex


"I really enjoyed doing this project, the mentors helped me develop my ideas and found mistakes I did not see." Chance

"My mentor gave me many pointers and ways to make the message stand out. The team work was nice because we got input from our team members on what to change and what looked good." Brittany

"In this project I used creativity I didn't even know I had. It was good to have a mentor to talk to and have an extra opinion. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to design a billboard and work with a mentor." Austin


"They (mentors) gave us some good ideas and tactics for setting up the billboard." Devin

"Looking back at this experience, I believe this project was a complete success. It was a great opportunity to be creative and inventive; but to get a message across and display that message to the public was awesome." Mayson

"What I liked about him (mentor) was how he shared with us about what he does in school and what his talents are." Sarah


"I think the mentors were a good idea, they helped alot." Justin

"This was a fun assignment, a good experience and I am glad I took part in it." Javier


"We had a resonable expectancy for success, we worked hard and had high expectations, the projects looked great and the show was a success." Justin

"...it inspires me to do more of my thoughts and start wondering what I should get into in the future." Kara

"It was great to give us this opportunity." Dylan


"I thought the overall project was really cool. I like the idea of people coming in and helping us, and giving us ideas." Ryanne

"The mentors were a good idea." Tyler


"We should have mentors on other projects!" Kylie

"This project was definitely a fun one! I had a great mentor who helped in every single way." Blaike


"I think the overall project was great, I loved how we were given the freedom to come up with what we wanted. I had lots of fun and I know everyone else did too." Daniel

"I like how it was like a campaign, it really made it competitive." Andrew

"The mentors brought real life work experience in and were able to tell us how we were working. The groups were just the right size where we could all get some interaction with the mentors without being left out of the conversations." Tyler