We have a deadline!

March 22, 2011

Yesterday Tammy, Amanda and I met with Tyler (our Visual Advocacy professor) and Wendy, Heidi and Stephanie from the Rosedale Development Association to get down some definite deliverables. We’re working towards the middle of April to get the site live, the billboard up and the buttons printed. It’s exciting now that we can see the final print date in sight and we’re all anticipating great things once the project goes live. We just have to nail down a date for the billboard.

We worked on a few things concerning the site, what people would do there once they see it, we’re going to add an information page that will contain background on the project and also the video. We’re also going to do a resources page so people who want to connect to other transportation issues across the city with other like minded people can do so through that page. We could potentially get a lot of hits on the site so that will be a good resource for visitors.


Meeting at the KCAI Design Studio