Final School: by Design posters

June 24, 2011

The Greene Scene by Deanita Redwood + mentor Karin Satrom "I envision a green roof on the High School of Art and Design which is good for the environment and provides comfort, recreational space, and a creative outlet for the student body."


STUDYIO by Tiffany Chong (right) + mentor Melissa Mar "STUDYIO is pop-up study hall concept that opens empty classrooms up as study rooms for students to study, meet with other students for group projects and also tutor one another to create a healthy academic environment for students."


Two Worlds by Ella Cossin (right) + mentor Lysa Opher "The windows on one entire side of the school have been boarded up, subsequently causing depression and a lack of inspiration and learning. This is devastating to the experience of young artists. Our solution was to give students a project that would inspire them and allow them to create windows to worlds of their own creation, where windows to the outside world once existed."


RE-newed Hallway by Jennifer McDaniel (right) + mentor Nicole Markis "This project is an environmentally conscience, beautiful new space for the high-school of art and design students to use and be inspired by. There are several aspects in which this is showcased; by the use of 0 impact paint to the recycled materials of the new lighting fixture, this space is sure to be impactful for all who utilize it each day."


ArtTacular by Sara Ott + mentor Melanie Carsnew "Art-Tacular is a day-long celebration at The High School of Art & Design that showcases teacher, student, and alumni talents and successes. Its mission is to motivate and inspire current students to have pride in their school and to pursue a career in the arts. The festival is participatory and interactive, featuring events such as an animated film festival, a silent auction, a fashion show, a model-building competition, a silk-screening workshop, and chances to win prizes donated by corporate sponsors."


The New Student Den by Najia Barclay + mentor Nina Mettler "Students are intimidated to visit the current guidance suite because they don’t want to be perceived as having problems. The redesigned and renamed student den with bright colors, large text on the walls and positive messages creative an inviting, friendly atmosphere and encourages students to take advantage of all the services available from academic advising to psychological and health support."


The Art of Recycling by Viktoriya Tsoy (right) + mentor Sabrina Hall "At an art school we do not recycle as we should-having so much paper go to waste unnecessarily. Starting as a recycling initiative we can start using recycling bins as a means to collecting paper and plastics that would other wise be trashed. This paper could then be used in clubs and be used to makes crafts from these materials. these items include paper weights, bracelets, earrings, and notebooks. This initiative can later be used for different clubs such as architecture students who need supplies for building and fashion students trying to make reusable outfits and accessories."


Illuminate by Maara Maakhera (right) + mentor Katie Mangano "In a school where many students lack artistic fervor and unison, Illuminate creates an environment for students to connect and inspire each other while strengthening the creative community. A sunlit wall that is surrounded by art features a large sun graphic paired with the following statement: “We may not see each other but we all see the same sun.” The warm glow of the lit wall attracts students, leading them to the showcased art."


Fellow Peers by Angie Ramirez + mentor Valerie Truccia (not pictured) "We could make the hallways in the school be a better place, if we take portraits of students and teachers making happy faces and glue them on the lockers."


Designing Your Path by Melissa Benitez (not pictured) + mentor Christine Valerio "Designing Your Path is a sustainable solution to two problems: students getting lost walking to classes and students not feeling inspired in classrooms. Through an interactive wayfinding system and a color-coded inspirational activity, students participate in a collaboration of art thinking and successful learning."


Wall Garden Art by Nicole Lugo + mentor Anjali Menon "Being in NYC surrounded by art and nature, my inspiration to incorporate a wall garden into a nearby park on 55th and 2nd emphasizes on how important it is for artistic kids to participate in their school community."