Blind Spot advocacy campaign posted

December 23, 2011

From the Nov 29 press release:

Littleton, CO. November 29, 2011

Communication Design students from Metropolitan State College of Denver have partnered with Colorado Center for the Blind participants to create an advocacy and awareness campaign addressing issues of accessibility on behalf of people who are blind.

The multimodal campaign titled Blind Spot: Advocate for Access, uses tactile mediums such as graphic “spots” to point out areas in Littleton and beyond that are not universally accessible. Championed by people who are blind, the spots direct attention to environmental, communication and technology obstacles that are not fully accessible and serve as a call to action to visit an integrated website—a source of education, communication, advocacy and empowerment. In combination the campaign pieces are designed to empower the blind community to vocalize needed change. The project goal brings forth interaction between blind and sighted communities for the purpose of advocating equal rights within shared designed environments. Project participants want the rights of all people to be understood as equal: Accessibility is a human right with global implications.

The Communication Design team from Metro State and participants from Colorado Center for the Blind, hope to create a dialogue around accessibility and universal design by initiating the Blind Spot campaign. The public is invited to support their efforts at a project launch planned for 8:30 AM, Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at the Downtown Littleton RTD Station.