Pricing and Packaging

April 21, 2010

Spring is in full bloom in Greensboro and the weather is making everyone excited to get work done and make some progress on our project! The past couple of weeks we have had sessions with the YouthBuild students on how to figure out the cost of their pecan products and therefore how much to charge. We have also brainstormed further names with the students but decided in the end that Pecans! was our favorite! We also had a design session with the power of branding, the importance of packaging design, and the necessity of marketing. In doing this we showed them things we thought represented good packaging an got their critique on it. It was interesting to us that the pieces that struck them most were usually very simple, black and white, sometimes with a pop of very bright colors. We initially assumed they would like things with a more burnished look or hand done aesthetic; however, they explained that they thought if it was going to be done professionally, it should look like it was done on the computer, not by hand. Food for thought…We have ordered packaging supplies so we are only a few weeks away from putting pecan products on the market!