Had a great meeting yesterday afternoon with the guys from Rosedale, our faculty and Sidewalk team. There’s a lot of excitement and positivity as we plan how and when the campaign is going to roll out. We have a tentative date and are working towards that goal. We discussed lots of additional ideas to add to the ...more ⇒

Presentation in Rosedale

A presentation in Rosedale to 50 or 60 people from the community was a great time of sharing about the Sidewalk project. We showed a snippet of the video and talked about our process to get to where we are now. It was exciting to get to talk about how we’d connected our design skills with the need in the ...more ⇒

Sidewalk Project is GOOD

Today GOOD Magazine published an article on their website detailing our Sidewalk project. This is great exposure. We’ve secured the domain and will be working on the development of the site. You can read the GOOD article here.

Excitement at KCAI!

We are all very excited here at KCAI, myself, Tammy and Amanda and the faculty. We’re excited because this feels like the beginning of something great. Winning this award affords us the finances to be able to put the campaign into place and if successful then the kids of Rosedale will be able to walk to school ...more ⇒