Thinking Wrong Session

Yesterday we had our first brainstorming session with a handful of the YouthBuild students on what to name our company. We used a “think wrong” approach to trick our brains from going to the easiest solution. To do this we open a book and picked a random word from which to begin our brainstorm. The word ...more ⇒

Getting Started

PieLab is a multifaceted pie shop + design studio in Greensboro, Alabama striving to create a place where the community has a neutral space to share ideas and hang out. The designers who work in PieLab also take time to host community events and initiate design-driven projects. Design Ignites Change recently awarded ...more ⇒

Making a Plan

Today we had a workshop with our first round of YouthBuild students on how to write a business plan and how to budget out our start-up money. We made a slideshow and presented all of the things that we will need to purchase and how much each will cost. We then walked them through how to write a business plan ...more ⇒