Sharon’s “Summer Breeze”

Down to the wire

Did we finish our quilts with weeks to spare? Days? Hours? Yes, perhaps hours. Wednesday night, a mere ten hours before the quilts were due, Theresa and I were sitting at the Sew-Op putting the last touches on our own quilts. We turned in nine registrations and by golly, I was going to turn in nine be-pillowcased ...more ⇒

Endless Possibilities

Theresa finished her quilt in time to start working on another quilt for QuiltFest so we started looking for a design that she would be interested in making. We are both fans of M.C. Escher and I had found a book of tessellation quilt designs that imitate the artwork of Escher and had even picked out my next project ...more ⇒

And then there were nine…

May 15th and guess what? We missed the deadline for submitting our QuiltFest entries! Ah, but we are a lucky sew-op because we were given a 12 hr extension and we’ve been so busy trying to get our entries in order. Titles, dimensions (which is quite challenging if you haven’t finished piecing the top!), ...more ⇒

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op: 4/30/13

Sometimes when we get together at the sew-op, everyone is working and the only sounds you’ll hear are whirring sewing machines and Mingus, Miles, Coltrane or Dizzy. Other times, the talking is so intense that a machine won’t even get plugged in. With more than six weeks before we have to turn in our quilts ...more ⇒