US Saw Anti-Gay Iraq Murders in ’05

A 2005 document included in the nearly 400,000 US Department of Defense records recently posted on shows that the Pentagon was aware of the organized killing of gay Iraqis more than 15 months before those murders were first reported, in Gay City News. “The male was shot (_) times in the chest, and a ...more ⇒

In a US court, appeal court judge faults immigration judge’s homosexual sterotyping

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, has set aside for reconsideration the Board of Immigration Appeals’ decision affirming a denial of asylum to a gay man from Serbia, finding that the Immigration Judge had relied on improper stereotypes about gay men in questioning the credibility of ...more ⇒

Gay Israeli-Palestinian couple stuck in bureaucratic nightmare

Media attention has recently focused on the effort to obtain residency rights for children of foreign workers. But Majed Koka is not a foreign worker. He is a gay Palestinian man from the West Bank who came to Israel at age 14 because in his hometown of Nablus, he never could have lived openly as a gay man. “If ...more ⇒

Support Estelle and Freddy!

My name is Estelle and I am an Asylum Seeker whose claim has been rejected. It’s a complicated story, but I have lost all my appeals because – I can’t prove I am a Lesbian. My parents died when I was in my teens and my uncle took in me and my brothers. I was seeing someone who I didn’t know was married to a ...more ⇒

Call to “Kill Gays, Lesbians” on Russian Radio

Russia’s first legal billionaire of modern times has called for the killing of all gays and lesbians. Former super-rich oligarch German Sterligov, who is said to have amassed a fortune in the commodities esxchanges when aged 24 following the collapse of the Soviet Union, confirmed that he wanted all gay men and ...more ⇒