Create! Don’t Hate. Debuts in Cincinnati

For the past three years, the Great Oaks Career Campuses have been involved in activities designed to ensure their schools are welcoming for all. This year, in order to continue this outreach, Digital Arts and Design instructor Adam Schlosser at Live Oaks decided to take the students’ desire for inclusiveness to the ...more ⇒

Design Ignites Change 2010 cycle 2 award winners

Immigration reform, childhood obesity, obstacles facing those afflicted with autism and empowering the homeless were among the challenges tackled by the latest round of Design Ignites Change award winners. The award recipients are representative of the remarkable group of students involved with Design Ignites Change ...more ⇒

2009 Implementation Award Winners Update

The first ever Design Ignites Change Implementation Award winners were announced in February of 2010 and the grantees have since used the funding to do remarkable work in their communities.

Designer Band-Aids benefit Design Ignites Change

New York-based designer Cynthia Rowley has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to create limited edition “Dress-Up Band-Aids” with a contribution from the project benefiting Design Ignites Change. Worldstudio’s Nina Mettler and Andréa Pellegrino, Johnson & Johnson Chief Design Officer Chris Hacker and ...more ⇒

Design Ignites Change 2010 cycle 1 award winners

Design Ignites Change, a collaboration between Worldstudio and the Adobe Foundation, is excited to announce the winners of the 2010 cycle one awards. The Implementation Awards, which are granted to outstanding projects in order to assist in real-world implementation, were awarded to Matthew Heckart of the School of ...more ⇒