Pecans! has launched

Pecans! has finally launched it’s online store! To order some delicious goodies and get a re-usable “GOOD” bracelet, head over to!

Generous stranger

Last week two of us from PieLab trekked to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham to drop off some Pecans! products. We decided to take the boys to a lunch in Birmingham and ended up at Billy’s in Mountain Brook. At the end of our meal our ticket came and said the above. This made the day for all of us! How kind…


We have started screen-printing with the YouthBuild students for the packaging tags for Pecans! The packaging with come with a leather bracelet attached. Two weeks to being able to purchase!

Pricing and Packaging

Spring is in full bloom in Greensboro and the weather is making everyone excited to get work done and make some progress on our project! The past couple of weeks we have had sessions with the YouthBuild students on how to figure out the cost of their pecan products and therefore how much to charge. We have also ...more ⇒

Some sketches from the students

We are incorporating these into our package design!