Final School: by Design posters

The New Student Den / Najia Barclay / Nina Mettler

Problem: Students are intimidated to visit the guidance suite because they don’t want to be perceived as having problems. Solution: The redesigned and renamed student den is welcoming and encourages students to take advantage of all the services available from academic advising to psychological and health support.

RE-newed Hallway / Jennifer McDaniel / Nicole Makris

School: by Design at Spring Arts Festival

We are pleased to inform all of you that the end of the year project School: by Design will be displayed at the High School of Art & Design during the Spring Arts Festival. High School of Art & Design Spring Arts Festival Friday June 10th 10am to 6pm Saturday June 11 10am to 3pm 1075 Second Avenue at 57th ...more ⇒

The Greene Scene / Deanita Redwood / Karin Satrom

Here is an update from the world of the green roof. These are all our initial sketches. Today we are doing more research into important features of green roofs as well as getting started on the layout of our presentation.