Implementing Social Change Workshop

The current model for “design for good” is highly dependent on contributions of time, resources and skills. Although honorable, this model is not economically sustainable, with less than 5% of design-based social change concepts reaching fruition.

In partnership with Pellegrino Collaborative, Design Ignites Change offers Implementing Social Change, a workshop that guides attendees through the critical processes of actualizing solutions to social challenges with a sense of entrepreneurial spirit by exploring the following topics:

» Concept assessment
» Research
» Leveraging relationships
» Establishing mutually beneficial partnerships
» Marketing communications
» Identifying resource needs
» Creating a simple budget and financial plan
» Overview of funding models and sources
» Impact measurement/outcomes

An interactive presentation is followed by small group collaboration where attendees get the opportunity to apply new skills to actual projects through a series of exercises aligned with the topics above.

For more information about bringing the Implementing Social Change workshop to your school or community, contact Andréa Pellegrino.

Andréa meets with students at the Funding Social Change workshop at Notre Dame.