Student Innovation Award Application Instructions

The Student Innovation Awards honor college and university design and architecture students with a financial award for powerful and provocative concepts.

In 2014, two awards of $1,000 and four at $500 each will be given to innovative project ideas that have the ability to ignite positive social change. Winning projects will also be highlighted on the Design Ignites Change website and promoted through the program’s outreach efforts.

These awards are for project ideas only; it is not required that a plan for actual implementation be in place. Both realistic and imaginative ideas are welcome, as long as the idea addresses a pressing social need within a community and applies innovation and design thinking to solve the problem.

The scale of the concept is not an issue, Design Ignites Change is looking for ideas at any size that push the boundaries of what design thinking can do when applied to social issues.


The 2014 Student Innovation Award deadline is February 28, 2014

Application Process

Applying for the award is a three part process:

Part 1: Register as a Design Ignites Change participant
It is recommended that you submit your registration form at least one week before the Award deadline. Register to be a participant online here. Once your registration is processed, you will receive a login that will allow you to post your project case study.

If you have a Design Ignites Change faculty contact at your school, you may also receive a login from them. If you do not know who your faculty contact is, use the link above to register and receive a login.

Part 2: Post your project’s case study on our website
You will do this with the login you receive once you become a registered participant. See case studies from past winners here.

Part 3: Complete the online application
Complete the online portion of the application. See below for the information and questions that are included on the application if you would like to prepare your answers ahead of time. You must complete the online application and have your case study posted on the Design Ignites Change website by the deadline for the award cycle under consideration.


All applications will be reviewed by an independent committee of creative professionals, business, civic and non-profit leaders. Project ideas will be evaluated on concept, innovation and potential for impact.


The winners will be announced approximately one month after the deadline. The financial award in the form of a check will be sent within 30 days of announcement.


The following parameters and restrictions apply:
» Design Ignites Change Advisory Board members are not eligible to directly apply, although any organizations and students they are affiliated with are eligible.
» Worldstudio employees and family members are ineligible.
» All concepts remain the intellectual property of the applicants.
» Adobe Foundation, Worldstudio and Design Ignites Change have the right to reproduce and showcase the submitted entries as case studies.

Application Questions

Questions for the online portion of the application are included here in case you would like to prepare your answers ahead of time .

Part 1: Contact Information

  1. Applicant contact information: name, name of school, major/concentration, grade level, email, website, mailing address, phone number
  2. Faculty contact information: name, title, email, phone number
  3. Team contact information (list any additional team members, if any)

Part 2: Project Case Study

As indicated in the instructions above, you must post your project’s case study on our website. Excellent photos with clear and compelling writing for your case study will go a long way to help communicate your project intent to the jury. The addition of a robust blog on the Design Ignites Change website to showcase your process will also enhance your application.

  1. Name of project as it appears on your online case study
  2. URL of your posted case study

Part 3: Project Details

  1. About your project: Briefly describe your project. 250 character limit (with spaces).
  2. Audience: Who is the primary audience of your idea to create change? Are there any secondary audiences? 1,000 character limit (with spaces).
  3. Goals: How would your project ignite change, what are the primary goals? 1,000 character limit (with spaces).
  4. Envisioning real-world implementation: How do you envision your project achieving success? What type of support or resources does your idea need to become a reality? 1,000 character limit (with spaces).

Part 4: Additional Support Materials

You have the option of submitting additional support materials to go along with your application—any additional information that does not fit into this application or on your online case study that you wish to share with the jury. Additional information may include images, videos, research, letters of support.

In order to submit extra materials, you need to post a link to a URL where your materials can be downloaded. You can use any file sharing service; and Google Drive are recommended.

If you have a video you’d like to share, please first upload to Youtube or Vimeo and post the link to the video.

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