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  • Dome1
    Immers3D introduces middle school students to classical music in an immersive environment, while also introducing them to live performance and historical events. See:
  • Studentwork11
    Prior to the Iraqi war, students were asked to mount an awareness campaign that expressed their opinion of America's involvement. The "Piss on This" campaign gained campus-wide attention.
  • Studentwork12
    Global consumption and worldwide hunger were the foci of "Food for Thought." To access 2000 students in 2 hours, the team created childlike puzzles on placemats and placed them in the dining halls.
  • Studentwork21
    This student's identity for the Potawatomi Zoo celebrated the arrival of a new Colobus monkey while placing primary emphasis on the word "Zoo."
  • Bonsel1
    One of the main goals of the Bon Sel ("Good Salt") project is to improve the packaging and marketing of the salt product so Haitian consumers understand the added health benefit of diethylcarbamazine.

Design at Notre Dame begins with a foundation in the liberal arts. Such a basis is a design student’s best path to meet and solve the varied communication challenges inherent in today’s complex world. Because a design solution may emerge from the humanities, an algorithm, or a scientific discovery, the curriculum provides a student with the opportunity to be firmly grounded in the fundamentals of design and the visual arts, while also taking courses in science, math, history, philosophy, and theology. As students progress through the tiered design program, they develop as a designer, as an intellectual, and as a moral person, prepared to address the social, ethical, and political circumstances influenced by the design profession.

At its core, the Notre Dame graphic design program believes that the designer can make a difference not only in the strategic plan of a business but also in the world. During their time on campus, students develop projects that aspire to positively influence the lives of culturally diverse people, critique the ethical dimensions of contemporary culture, and give visual form to complex social issues. As design professionals, Notre Dame graduates will be responsible for the future of our visual culture.


Department of Art, Art History & Design
306 Riley Hall of Art & Design
Notre Dame, IN 46556

574 631 4276

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