Bailey Alternative High School


Bailey Alternative High School provides an educational setting to address the academic and personal needs of those students who have failed in, or have been failed by, the traditional educational system. Our goals are to help students build self-esteem, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful, and be socially responsible members of society.

Bailey Alternative High School is one of the first alternative public high schools in Missouri. Since its inception in September 1988, more than 250 students have graduated from Bailey, which serves about 120 students a year.

Students are referred by their home school counselor or by self-referral. The school provides a full-time nursery for students who need day care for their infants and toddlers. The curriculum offered at Bailey is implemented through differentiated instruction, and a variety of teaching strategies are used to meet students’ unique needs. Service learning is another component of the curriculum which gives students an opportunity to do community service.

Bailey offers Missouri Option and credit recovery programs and has a small student-teacher ratio, allowing more individualized classroom attention.