Toss No Mas

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The participants of the Toss no Mas group are Valerie Pierce, Retta Draper, Kevin Davis, and Nga Nguyen. We are exploring litter issues in the city of Denver and surrounding areas, specifically the Confluence Park area. We are looking at if the residents of the areas notice the litter or are bothered by it, how the litter upstream affects the cleanliness of the river in Confluence Park, how the litter may affect public health in that area, and what can be done in these areas to raise awareness about the litter problem to take positive steps towards correcting it.
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June 15, 2010
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Our challenge is getting people of the Confluence Park community to take initiative in keeping the area clean. Although the problem of river pollution starts upstream, there is opportunity for the community to keep the river in better health both by preventative and proactive cleaning methods.


We are aiming to raise public awareness about the issue of water cleanliness. We are focusing on keeping the city clean from drains and gutters to where rain water run-off ultimately reaches the river at Confluence Park. We are hoping to enact an education campaign about preventative measures of keeping the water clean.