A better bicycling commute

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This project focuses on areas of cities where bicycling can become a more dominant way to commute. In the case of Kansas City riding in the street is notably fearful and can cause stress among the cycling community even though the streets are where we belong. My goal as a designer is to relieve this fear and revive the cycling community. With so many positive advantages to commuting on a bicycle the roads need to be a safe place to ride. Not only will the focus be on educating cyclist but motorist as well. We all need to share the roads.

Matt Urlaub
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December 8, 2011
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Environmental graphics incorporating a bicycle promotes awareness of areas that are highly populated with cyclists along side key intersections.
The more bicyclist are seen the safer everyones commute will be.
Bike trails were created by fabricating a bicycle with a luggage rack that is used to hold paint, a paint roller to apply it to the wheel, and tape and bungee cords for constructing.
Trails were made through fun, safe, and the easiest routes to engage and facilitate the average cyclists on their commute.
Routes go through neighborhoods and main streets to connect the community of cyclists.

As a designer I want to remove the stress and danger out of the daily cycling commute. I also want to bring together a bigger & better community of cyclist that will publicize cycling as a better way to commute.


My solution is implemented into the environment where our presence is seen among traffic. Signage with the word "LOOK" will bring awareness to motorist to look for cyclists in dangerous & populated areas. Bike trails reveal routes that provide safe & easy ways to commute through the city on bicycles.