everyday-play: tools for early education

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Everyday-Play: tools for early education, attempts to create an educational environment in the home by fostering an interactive relationship between parent and child. Stickers will be placed upon products in stores to give parents activities, crafts and tips that apply to the product, and also provide a learning experience for the child. Stickers will also give them access to a website that provides daily activities that are fun and educational for the family. The main demographic is lower-middle class families with two working parents; but everyone is welcome.

Michael May and Alicia Rosas
Everyday Play
mmay@kcai.edu, arosas@kcai.edu

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December 8, 2011
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Mock-ups for project stickers.
Stickers will be placed upon everyday objects.
A set of animal icons are used to denote educational 'skills'.
From these stickers, the user can gain access to Everyday Play's website.

Kansas City children are currently facing problems trying to meet the expectations of education and standardized test scores. What can we do to help educate parents and fix the problem before it begins, so that each and every child enters school ready to learn?


In order to give busy, working parents a solution, we've chosen to raise awareness by showing them that the tools they need are already existing in their own homes. In doing this, we hope parents will remember that learning is something that can come easily with small, everyday tasks.