Beverage Overload Survival Solutions

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I will motivate people to be designated drivers & make them activists for preventing drunk driving. Working with bars in Kansas City, I will glorify the designated driver experience by making them BOSS of the drinkers. Posters will hang in the bar outlining the DD’s privileges and abilities as the “BOSS” (the facilitator of games, giddy tasks, & questions. The designated driver receives the wristband from the bouncer at the door or from the bar tender, who will also give them their decoder cup, used to read the hidden messages on the coasters. Each DD will be entered into a drawing for a free meal (a $35 value). (see schoolblog for more info)
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December 8, 2011
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The red decoder cup is used by the boss, who is wearing the wrist band, to see the hidden messages on the coasters. The wristbands will be worn by the designated driver and later taken off and used in the weekly drawing.
This is a close up of the poster in the top right of this image. It will hang in the bar to inform people of the BOSS program. The letter "o" in the word "do" has been replaced by the decoder cup showing how you use it.
This shows the bartender wearing one of the bar's fifteen BOSS shirts. On the left is the decoder cup dispenser which will show the number of people who have been a designated driver.

Drunk driving is the leading criminal cause of death in the United States. Last year it was the cause of 32% of car-crash deaths in Kansas City MO. In Kansas City, the busing system stops at 11pm, while the bars don't close until 3 pm. This is when people need a designated driver the most.


Drinkers will be able to get home safely, without drinking and driving. People will enjoy be a designated driver more than getting intoxicated. People will plan ahead in the future, designating a driver so that everyone has a good time and gets home safely.