PLAN AHEAD rewards Designated Drivers

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Project PLAN AHEAD is reducing the number of drunk drivers by giving them incentives for staying sober as a designated driver. By planning ahead of time, party goers don't have to get stuck in a bad situation, and get rewarded for being responsible drinkers. "Pre-gamers" will receive a free bottle of water with an alcoholic beverage purchase at the liquor store before they hit the bars. This gives them time to think of who is going to stay sober and PLAN AHEAD a designated driver." They will receive prize code at the bar in order to receive their prize online at

Ryan Shawgo

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December 8, 2011
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This is the main screen for when the participant arrives at website to receive prize.
The system as a group.
Bottle Detail looking through water to backside of label.
When the designated driver is leaving the bar he/she was at, they will receive their drivers license in a prize envelope. The prize envelope has the website url along with prize code.
Designated Driver places sticker on his/her drivers license before going to bar so that bouncer knows that they are a designated driver, and will hold license until they leave.

How can graphic design help decrease the number of drunk drivers on the road?


The goal of this project is to decrease the number of drunk drivers by giving them incentives to be a designated driver. By giving out free water bottles with a custom label with a message at liquor stores, they have a clear mind in order to plan ahead a designated driver, while getting free stuff in the process.