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It's 2009 and slavery thrives as victims of rampant Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking are ignored and discriminated against. Hundreds of American children are lured into the industry by pimps who are rarely prosecuted, while the victims are—as child "prostitutes". False assumption; they sell themselves by choice. An uninformed community influences opinion of law enforcement, who see them as nuisances. My project exposes the topic and is to bring understanding. My plan to erase “prostitute” from the mind, (which holds a "dirty" connotation) and replace it with "victim" for them to be recognized and get the attention and care that they need.
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December 8, 2011
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3x2' poster. Smaller type reads "women are entered into the sex industry usually at age 12"
3x2' poster. Photograph by D. Sharon Pruitt. Smaller type reads "300,000—450,000 children are at risk of being entered into the sex industry per year"
One of the posters I posted on 18th and Prospect; two blocks north of a "sales" hotspot. Visible from the drivers seat, it will be seen by drivers and pedestrians passing by and would be confronted by the events that take place there.
Informational booklet about Sex Trafficking including scientific information as well as personal insight from a sources. Photographs by D. Sharon Pruitt and Jessica Lyew-Ayee.
On the front side of the Keychain tag (that street patrol would wear) would be words requesting understanding, and the other side is a number for the Veronica's Voice 24 hr Crisis Line

Changing the mindset of a community to view these girls as victims of exploitation rather than as prostitutes because they do not choose to be in the situation they are in. Getting law enforcement to change their perspective on how they view victims as well and getting the public to car.


Putting light on the reality of the problem to the public who is generally unaware about the rampant slave trade here in the States. Giving attention to the issue in the places where it happens, where people see and pass by driving in their cars not knowing or caring about the crimes occurring in their surroundings.