Insuring Knuckleheads

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The success of heath care reform through the ACA (Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”) depends on young and healthy people enrolling in health insurance to achieve a balanced risk pool. However, young people have little familiarity with health insurance and are not especially interested in this subject matter.
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February 28, 2014
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This video has been removed.
26-year-olds previously insured with their parents need to enroll in their own health plan.
This video has been removed.
Michelle Obama describes young people who are not signing up for health care as "knuckleheads". (2:25)

Despite the fact that many more people now have access to affordable health care young people are not enrolling. They are convinced it’s too expensive or do not believe they need health insurance. They are “invincible".


I will reach out to soon-to-be-26-year-olds who are about to loose their parent’s health insurance. I will survey what their understanding is of the new health care law. What does it take to engage them and make the significance of health insurance more palatable to them?