Fight Back: Helping Seniors Avoid Scams

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In an effort to combat the large amount of scams that target senior citizens every year, "Fight Back" encourages awareness and dialogue through informational booklets. This project seeks to educate senior citizens to spot and identify different types of frauds that often target this vulnerable demographic. These booklets are made readily available at no cost for seniors at local pharmacies, nursing homes, etc. The material helps to educate readers about different types of scams: healthcare, telemarketing, online, etc. While they are intended for seniors, people of any age can use it as well.
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December 8, 2011
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health and medicare scams spread.
identity theft + telemarketing scams spread
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In recent years, scam artists have turned their focus towards the elderly. It is a well-known fact that they posses the greatest amount of disposable income, and the greatest amount of trust. The challenge: how can we help teach them about this problem, and provide them with the means to avoid being scammed?


Through interviews with local seniors and advocate groups, I've created an informational booklet which can help to teach seniors how to spot potential scams, as well as how to "fight back" by protecting their personal information, etc. These booklets will be made readily available at local pharmacies and nursing homes.