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This project is about focusing on the stakeholder, the end user. By creating a PHOTOGRAPHIC DESIGN THINKING process, the ethnographic elements and context become a visual narrative. It is often the case that international development organizations, in the design of their projects, do not sufficiently focus on and involve the ultimate beneficiaries of the projects, and in many cases those projects are not self-sustainable in the long run, as the end-user has not been involved since the beginning. Creating a PHOTOGRAPHIC DESIGN THINKING process will help to focus more on creating a solution WITH the stakeholder rather than FOR.
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February 28, 2014
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By rethinking the current system and putting the human being and his/her context in the center and main focus of any project, change can be ignited, as the solution has been designed with the actual end users and is therefor more sustainable.


By creating and showing successful pilot projects where a human centered focus and photographic design thinking as a tool was used, more organizations and foundations will be turning towards creative and innovative solution finding and understand the value of including the end user since the very beginning in the process.