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The drop out rate in Missouri is among the highest in the nation, and Missouri Options is a program fighting against that number. Missouri Options allows students who have dropped out of high school for a variety of reasons to join and graduate with an official diploma from their high school. Unfortunately, the program's primary method of targeting dropouts is through a single phone call. My goal is to help Missouri Options reach these students by creating a promotional booklet for the program filled with testimonials, facts, and program details in an effort to get a diploma to as many students as possible.

Joshua Eithun
816 520 2094

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December 8, 2011
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The Missouri Option promotional book and the matching envelope it is received in.
A spread that introduces the Missouri Option program and gives a little background on the program.
The spread from the book that explains all the requirements involved in participating in Missouri Options.
The book houses three testimonials of students involved in the program. Anthony is a student who successfully completed the program and went on to higher education.
A spread of statistics to help cement in the mind of the reader how crucial it is they get their diploma. For a complete look at the book, please see the links.

Missouri Options is an excellent opportunity for students who were not able to complete regular high school to have a second chance. The program, however, does not have the funding to properly reach students who have been out of high school for an extended period of time. My challenge is to bridge this gap.


I have created a 20 page promo booklet in an effort to reach these disconnected students. Because the book will be mailed, it is designed to stand out among all the clutter in the mail. The content of the booklet is aimed at making the student realize how crucial a diploma is, and how simple it can be to get back on track.