Save the Abandoned Cats!

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Save the Abandoned Cats! was created to deal with the overwhelming number of cats that are being abandoned and relinquished daily in Kansas City. The reason people give for abandoning these cats are numerous but the cause is a lack of emotional connection between owner and pet. Many preconceived notions about cats lead to a misunderstanding about the needs and required care for these pets. The brand hopes to change the way we think about our pets while encouraging and facilitating interaction between owner and pets. The brand challenges the way we think about cats by the associations of cats to humans while also including a game component.

Cassandra King

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December 8, 2011
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Maggie's is a brand that carries cat products in fun new packaging.
Each packaging has a game that the buyer can play with their cat. Some also include toys with the packaging.
This is another game that utilizes the packaging to create the game.
The message on each package encourages interaction with your cat and also states why it is important to play with your cat. The games are named in a way that makes a connection to the games we played when we were young.
This is Turbo who was one of my test users for the food bag game. She seemed pretty thrilled with the bag. You can check out a video of her on my blog which is linked at the bottom of this page.

How can graphic design help prevent the abandonment of Cats in Kansas City? Cats are being treated as a commodity to a lifestyle. Dispensable. How can the use of language,and imagery help people understand the needs of cats and encourage interaction between cats and owners.


I have created a brand that is made for a general cat owning audience that includes games or ideas for games to play with their companion animals. The language is friendly and approachable yet also attempts to alter how we think about our companion animals by associating their needs with our needs.