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America is the fattest country in the world. Heart related issues are the leading cause of death, killing over 652,468 (27.7%) of North Americans. Half of the top ten leading causes of death are associated with an inactive lifestyle. Exercising can greatly reduce health problems and help improve well being. People of all ages have trouble finding the time to exercise. By providing a music database, people can become a dj by adding workout tunes to self-created playlists. the goal is to provide new motivational music to exercise to. the tool will also help set goals and track your progress as the music motivates people to be active.

greg kaufman

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December 8, 2011
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interface when user is exercising (music player/body conditions). color change alert when youre heart's bpm is higher than recommended rate.
how do people find out about Work It? stickers are placed on vending and soda machines. “got enough time to a snack? then you got time to WORK IT! a person that weighs 160 lbs expends 4.5 calories per minute while exercising.”
website screen (music section)

The challenge is to find ways to help motivate people to exercise. Most people believe they have no time, but the point is to make the time to exercise. Most people also believe they have to go to the gym to get a work out, which is not true. One is able to listen to music anywhere -- at the gym or in your own neighborhood.


A prototype iPhone application that allows you to build personalized, unique music playlists. The application also keeps track of your bmi, heart bpm, weight and step count. By having a record of your progress, you can change your exercise methods, or realize what you're doing is right on track