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Walk & Talk is a community fitness group in East Baltimore that is part of a greater movement to improve the visibility of and participation in health and wellness throughout the city. The mission is to inspire residents to move their bodies in the public spaces of their communities. One of Walk & Talk’s goals is to show that physical fitness is simple, enjoyable, and rewarding. The group also provides a safe means to engage outdoors and is of no cost—two concerns for this target audience. By engaging individuals through the walks over a period of time, moving will become a healthy habit of their own. Walking is the catalyst to transform.

Anne Marie Jasinowski
Good Design Is Social
202 441 2024

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February 28, 2014
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A street in East Baltimore that is a part of the walking route
Walk & Talk brand identity to be applied across print and web mediums, as well as, signage, apparel, and tools developed

In East Baltimore, individuals face many physical and psychological barriers to getting physical activity in both structured and unstructured ways. My research indicates these barriers include safety, motivation, time, money, transportation, a community, access to tools and spaces, and being physically out of shape or sick.


This is a walking group with a greater purpose. Direct access to users means better understanding their needs, which may call for a tool to foster a better fitness network and/or increase access. Design prototypes will be tested among users while concurrently a behavioral shift around proactive health will be occurring.