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Urban environments experience higher climate temperatures than surrounding rural ones due to increased urbanization. This effect, known more formally as the urban heat island, creates higher electricity rates, more carbon emissions, and increases our global temperature. One cost effective way of mitigating this situation is to institute lighter surfaces within our urban settings (roofs, parking lots, streets, buildings). In an effort to educate city officials and building owners about the advantages of this simple solution, a system of placards has been designed to point out both the economic and environmental benefits. PAINT IT WHITE.

Adam McBride
Adam McBride
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December 8, 2011
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Chalk stencils sprayed with corn starch and water as to avoid any environmental damage. Placed on parking blacktop parking lots so property managers, drivers, and pedestrians will come in contact with
Stickers allow for a one-to-one interaction and are placed on surfaces that have no just reason for being flat black. Why not paint it white.
Large scale placards highlighting buildings that are already utilizing the white roof technique. Hopefully this large scale public format will encourage neighboring building owners to adopt the system
Icon that embodies the concept of Paint It White. The cityscape lends itself nicely to complete the form of the paint brush.
Close-up of a poster designed to educate city residents and direct people to the blog. Check the Paint it White link below.

The challenge of this project is to encourage and employ the use of white and or lightly colored surfaces within metropolitan areas to in turn, lower climate temperatures both locally and globally.


To educate building owners, property owners, city officials, and urban residents about the positive affects of lighter surfaces in urban areas. In doing so, a series of installation placards have been designed to target the suggested audience.