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ILLUMILOON is a device that victims of natural disasters activate, inflating a specific color aerostat (signifying need) that floats in the air to indicate location. This impacts the local community by enabling those who have certain resources to be able to share them with their neighbors. Additionally, it makes it easier for official first responders to seamlessly identify and address individual and group needs. The ILLUMILOON idea was inspired by multiple interviews with New Haven disaster relief professionals, including members of the local Red Cross, the Yale-New Haven Disaster Response Center, and the FEMA innovation office.

Edward Wang
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March 1, 2014
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Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, and Superstorm Nemo posed significant organizational problems to affected communities. While government and fellow citizens were actively engaging in relief efforts and distribute available food and medical donations, many people struggled to find the help that they required.


The purpose of the color-coded aerostat incorporated in the ILLUMILOON are two-fold. The first is to facilitate information dissemination during disaster relief; and second, to empower community members to collaborate and be actively involved in efforts to support themselves and their neighbors.