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This is an advocacy project aimed at preventing suicides using strategically placed information tags that inform the public about how close we all are to potential suicide victims. The question I posed was how can graphic design help suicide prevention? The answer came in the form of retail store sale tags that are redesigned to contain information about suicide. The information consists of percentages to help the tag fit into its environment and yet stand out for the viewer to spot. This campaign targets shoppers within their environment. These tags include important information such as the website and a phone number.

Amy Viehweg
217 251 6189

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December 8, 2011
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Sunfresh is the first store I tested in putting the tags in place. I found that the best time to put them up was at night as they restocked.
I used percent signs to blend in with the other tags.
With in Walgreens they where camouflaged very well in hopes they would not be taken down.
The tag fits in well so when a person is looking they are taken back by surprise but then receive the vital information.
These tags can be placed anywhere in the store even in the freezer section.

Some of the challenges I ran into when starting this project is how do I get this information out to everyone? I wanted everything to be simple and easy to read. The information that is out there now is only good in some environments. So to bring the information to everyone rather than them trying to seek it out.


My solution was everyone goes shopping be it for food or other items. At these stores are the shopping tags that hold only the important information. So to take these tags and turn them around to help save people and make them aware is the solution to the problem at hand.