Corbin Hill Food Project

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We work with farmers from upstate New York and community groups in New York City to deliver fresh, local vegetables, fruit, eggs and more to Harlem, Washington Heights and the Bronx. Our goal is to develop a sustainable approach that will not only strengthen the local economies of upstate and downstate communities -- but also feed them, sustain them, and unite them into a coalition of citizens who will, one day, become owners of the venture.
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December 11, 2014
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Corbin Hill is a non-profit network of rural farms and urban communities. We work with farmers from upstate New York and community groups in New York City to deliver fresh, local produce.
We serve over csa 1,000 shares per week throughout the course of our growing season. Our Community Health Partners program is an adaptable “wholesale” approach to reach the most vulnerable residents
“Community Chef,” “Meet Your Farmer, Know Your Farmer” programs are examples how we create jobs and shorten the distance between producer, consumer. Designed to educate and feed healthy neighborhoods
We would like to establish pop-up produce stands in local stores, bodegas, and community centers. These produce display cases would extend our cold chain and provide access to fresh, local produce.
We work to create new markets for rural family farmers and provide urban neighborhoods with access to the nutritional resources they need. We’re redesigning a more just and fair food system.

Harlem and the South Bronx are food deserts, a title bestowed to places that lack healthy food options. They are instead saturated with high-fat and high-sugar food options; offering cheap belly fixes for low-income consumers. How might we supply fresh food where it is needed most?


Corbin Hill is a network of rural farms and urban communities in New York. Designed to meet the needs of low-income communities by offering flexible membership terms, affordable prices, and items that reflect the diverse cultures we serve. We are creating direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown by local farmers.