Expanding Expectations

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Low self esteem can have damaging repercussions on long-term success and expectations of what is possible to achieve in life. Minority students are at particular risk, their self-worth challenged by negative media messages about immigrants and often challenged by their own families, who may have limited experience with how success is won in the qualification-strata of American life. It is difficult to open a conversation in a fun, non-intimidating way about what kinds of jobs exist after High School, and how to get there. A sense that the future holds bright possibilities is key for motivation and helping to build feelings of self-worth.

Ron Gabriel
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February 11, 2013
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Lesson Plan & Homework

Without a visual prompt to focus the question, many students can draw a blank when faced with pondering the future. This project aims to give students - especially minorities - a sense of possibility and direction that may help provide focus and allow them to view themselves on a pathway toward a goal.


A series of bilingual cards show a range of possible general paths to pursue, with the goal to OPEN the conversation about job possibilities and expectations of what the future can hold. On the back is a list of fields related to the general topic on the front. Included is a Lesson Plan for teachers and Homework ideas.