Flowers for Baudelaire

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Flowers for Baudelaire is the fashion design collection developed by students enrolled in the Academy of Art University’s MFA Fashion Design program. The collection was created by our group, Efflorescence, along with the help of some amazing aspiring young artists at a local San Francisco nonprofit, The Thrive House. After engaging in a discussion about sustainability as it relates to the fast fashion industry, the Thrive House kids took part in an art project inspired by the images from the Botanical Gardens located in Golden Gate Park. Their creations were generously donated to our group and worked into our collection as fabric prints.

Lauren Myers
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January 15, 2010
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Efflorescence group giving a lesson on sustainability at the Thrive House
Collection Inspiration: Plants from San Francisco's Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park
Collaboration with The Thrive House
Artwork created by the students at The Thrive House
1st half of the collection
2nd half of the collection
Students were engaged in the discussion

To fix fast fashion! After extensively researching the fast fashion market, we were able to pinpoint sustainable problems within the segment. The key issues we discovered include: unethical labor practices, poor quality assurance, abundant use of harmful chemicals, overproduction, and excessive waste.


Social responsibility is of highest priority to the Efflorescence group. We believe educating the youth is a great way to ensure change for our future. As part of an ongoing initiative, we partnered with a local San Francisco nonprofit, The Thrive House, to educate their students on the importance of sustainable practices.