A Bar of Soap Can Make a Difference

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Sometimes all it takes to make a difference in a person’s life is a bar of soap. That was the conclusion of students at Flint’s Mott Community College enrolled in "Studio 205", a design studio course that takes on real-world projects. The director of the North End Soup Kitchen needed an affordable campaign to encourage donations of basic necessities like toothbrushes, soap, and diapers for distribution through the newly expanded Personal Needs & Linen Closet. Mott students collaborated to build a campaign that highlighted the value of seemingly mundane objects to people who have had to do without.
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February 2, 2011
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Difference between getting a job or not.
Housing or Food?
Missed Opportunities
Bare Butts Unlimited
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Challenges included creating simple, affordable posters and flyers that could be reproduced on demand and that would effectively communicate how important something as innocuous as a toothbrush, a bar of soap, or some diapers, could mean to a person who's trying to keep (or put) their life together.


The solution highlighted each subject in unusual ways juxtaposing simple images against ironic headlines. For example, objects in a medicine cabinet would be "missing" with a headline "Missed Opportunities." Each B&W poster could be easily photocopied onto colored photocopy paper as needed.