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Getting a bird isn’t nearly as common as adopting a cat or dog; so many don’t know what the first step is for bringing a feathered friend into the household. Our goal, as Fledgling is to help you find what bird is the best fit for you, what you’ll need to keep your bird in good health, and where to go if you need a helping hand. Once you know all the facts, you’ll be ready to leave the nest and become a new parrot parent.

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December 7, 2014
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This is the package that was given to the rescue we collaborated with. It includes the Feathered Friends book, cards, budget, shopping list, thank you cards, and a drive complete with all files.
Coffee table book created with images of birds taken at the Burge Bird Rescue. This book is meant to highlight their personalities and stories. Proceeds from this book would support the rescue.
These cards would be left in vet offices, pet stores, or at conventions to attract people to the Fledgling website. They're designed to look like different types of birds to be more fun and engaging.
Shirts can be worn by volunteers or purchased to support the rescue. They're meant to start a conversation and draw people to the website.
Fledgling's largest component is a fully functional website. The main goal is to educate. The website has all the information one might need to prepare their home for a bird.

There is a huge lack of knowledge surrounding the ownership and care of exotic birds. This leads to problems such as abandonment, misinformed choices, and mistreatment of pets.


The best way to prevent the problems of abandonment, misinformed choices, and mistreatment is preemptive education. That way potential bird owners are prepared with the knowledge required to care for a bird before actually adopting.