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In Brazil, high school students must take a rigorous exam, called the vestibular, in order to get accepted into a college. Over 12 million students take the vestibular. Of those, only 60,000 say that they are sure about the career path that they are choosing. "We are forced at a young age to figure out how to spend our entire lives before we have even had a chance to figure out who we are." Play the Future addresses how to help students in Brazil to know, understand and explore their possibilities for choosing a career path and a direction for their lives.

Mariana Camardelli

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December 16, 2014
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Brazil has 12 million students who apply for college each year. 95% are not sure about their choice. They have to make choices that they are not ready to make. As a result, 43% students drop out after just one year. So, how might we help these students turn their search into a fun and engaging journey?


Play the Future is a festival that inspires high school students to take their future into their own hands. The festival is a one day event. It starts with inspirational lectures and mentors, and ends with music and a party.

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