O-Town Kitchen

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Everyday food is wasted, even in non-profit organizations. Food donations are usually close to or at their expiration date and cannot be used fast enough. How can a church soup kitchen maximize on it’s food donations to help the people it was donated to? By converting food into preserves and other food items with a long life span to be sold at local markets and giving the homeless the opportunity to make and sell items to earn money.

Isaac Farley
Isaac Farley

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December 17, 2014
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The number of homeless families in Utah is rapidly rising. The number one cause of homelessness in families is unemployment. The soup kitchen is not in lack of food donations and most times food waste occurs. In what way could this food waste be used to help homeless families?


O-Town Kitchen is a program that converts food that cannot be used to make meals into food preserves thereby extending the expiration date. The program works as a very nimble employment program giving the chance to earn money to people in emergency situations. The preserves are sold at the farmers market.