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Recovery by Design is a partnership of mOb Studio, the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA), and Storefront for Community Design. For 8 weeks this summer, residential and community clients from RBHA spent one afternoon a week at mOb /Storefront with design students and faculty to explore design as a tool for recovery from and communication about mental and developmental issues. Participants made fashion, signs, videos, posters and soundscapes about the city they inhabit and their needs for design. This work was shown at mOb and is the subject of a publication being printed in early 2015.

Kristin Caskey
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January 19, 2015
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Class gets going in the mOb studio
T in his custom designed T
Poster making expresses our feelings
With clothes we designed, a green screen lets us wear them all over the globe
Our designers

Engaging design students and faculty in the care and treatment of individuals with mental illness and substance abuse. This population is rarely put at the center of design thinking and usually accesses only institutional care and classes. How can design impact treatment?


The classes designed were cooperative and met clients in mOb studios engaging, public design space. Young designers, faculty and urban planners worked one on one with clients to create design projects which were relevant to participants. Clients now regularly attend our openongs or stop in to say hi.