Boone Room

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Boone Room is a project led by SLO Architecture with the Bronx River Art Center (BRAC) and NYC Department of Transportation to unlock the urban strength rooted in Bronx Street Art. SLO Architecture brings local teens to document a street-art wall mecca on Boone Avenue slated for demolition and mount a website. Then participants build a pavilion–Boone at BRAC- incorporating remnants of the Boone walls as a foil for a yearlong art-programming at West Farms Square, heralding the imminent reopening of the BRAC. The reclamation of art empowers local youth to learn Adobe design software, techniques of construction, and strategies of activism.
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October 26, 2015
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A South Bronx community, in getting new affordable housing, is poised to lose a homegrown mecca for legally-commissioned large-scale street art that has been a transcendental space of pride, collaboration, and groundbreaking artistic virtuosity.


SLO Architecture leads local teens to document the street-art walls before demolition, mount a website, then builds a public pavilion - incorporating remnants of the art walls themselves - as a foil for community-art-programming in a nearby plaza. By amplifying the legacy of its local art, the neighborhood thrives.