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At Made in Brownsville (MiB) we want to become the largest employer of youth in Brownsville. We seek to increase access to creative and tech fields for youth in Brownsville, Brooklyn through employment and apprenticeship around design projects that challenge the local narrative of violence and chronic disease. This collective visioning approach to community development empowers residents to find and implement solutions to the challenges they face. Innovation lies in valuing and compensating our youth for lending and building their expertise and taking on these challenges as designers for common good.

Quardean Lewis-Allen
Made in Brownsville
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September 23, 2015
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Columbia University: MiB Urban Design studio participants present their activation strategy for their housing complex to it's original architect, Kenneth Frampton, who designed it 40 years ago.
MiB Office: MiB youth at work learning Rhino and Illustrator.
Wolff Olins Creative Agency: MiB/BCJC youth at work in Ad Design Studio in a charrette talking through photos they've taken to improve police-community relations.
MiB Office: MiB Apparel and Product Design participants at work learning about how to use a 3D printer. First test print success!

Our challenge is to help bring back Belmont Avenue in Brownsville. Once vibrant, this area now struggles to attract commercial investment, losing $25M in economic activity annually to surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, safety, gang activity, and drug trading are major issues inhibiting the use of public space.


Engaging youth as civic leaders to plan and implement an activation strategy for the Belmont Avenue corridor. After 6 weeks of paid technical urban design training, participants will utilize interactive tech to facilitate a data-driven spatial response to the corridors needs and engage residents to raise collective efficacy