America in Transition

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America in Transition is a documentary shorts series featuring trans people from underrepresented communities. Episodes will highlight role models as well as social issues, and include educational materials. Each episode will focus on a different person in a different place across the US in order to draw attention to how one's immediate social environment shapes their experience. Videos will be integrated into an interactive online map allowing viewers to upload their own stories. This series is trans-led, with a majority trans crew and a community advisory board of community leaders from across a racial, cultural, and economic spectrum.
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October 2, 2015
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We developed a #MyTransStory photo filter to encourage storytelling and dialogue about how intersectional identities shape people within the trans community.

Transgender people in rural environments and trans people of color are at high risk for familial rejection which fuels homelessness (40%), suicide (51%), and poverty (40%). Many conservative communities trans people come from have limited exposure to trans people and lack education about how to support them.


AIT will highlight ignored issues to policy makers and allies within difficult to reach communities. Episodes and culturally competent supplemental materials will be tools for allies to use in teaching about the issues people in their own communities face. Action items will urge viewers to show support in tangible ways.