Satellite Shelter

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Satellite Shelter provides a low-cost, temporary, and safe alternative for homeless individuals sleeping out in cold winter conditions. Through interviews with community organizations and current and formerly homeless individuals, the team learned of the unique challenges that the shelter had to address. Satellite Shelter can be carried by a person, is easy to set up and is low-cost. The team believes in the need for permanent affordable housing for everyone, but Satellite addresses the reality that people are sleeping out in dangerous conditions. Satellite Shelter is now ready for a small production run and field study.
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September 24, 2015
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Satellite Shelter is an affordable, easy-to-use shelter for individuals sleeping out in urban environments.
Here are some personal and organizational challenges to providing shelter for homeless individuals.
Understanding the unique needs and urban challenges for personal safety and ease of use to meet homeless urban needs
In tests at an outdoor gear manufacturer’s facility, Satellite Shelter matched performance of an established outdoor brand.
Satellite Shelter is ready for the next stage of development: small-scale production to deploy units this winter and to conduct a field study on effectiveness and user feedback.

600,000 homeless individuals sleep out each night in the US in winter. Hypothermia can set in starting at 50F to 32F, and in Pittsburgh, emergency winter shelters do not open until 25 F. Due to limited space or personal considerations, homeless individuals need a safe alternative to shelters.


Satellite Shelter is a collapsible, single-person shelter for use in extreme cold and low-cost solution to help organizations provide temporary shelter for homeless individuals. Satellite Shelter has a customizable, body-hugging, inner structure to insulate from cold and an outer shell for protection from wind and snow.