Travel the World, Without Leaving Home

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Mott graphic design students took on the design of a four-day world travel experience as part of a program for the North End Soup Kitchen’s 2007 Summer Kids Camp for ages 4-11. Starting with a camp theme logo, the students created a thematic experience around world travel, from oversized country posters to camp workshop projects that incorporated lessons about different world cultures by blending them into ordinary travel items. From Egyptian Hieroglyphic luggage tags to Japanese fans, and eventually digitized travel postcards of the kids in different world locations, the children toured the world... without ever leaving Flint.
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March 3, 2009
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A young camper poses in front of one of the travel posters.
Campers at Sacred Heart work on projects designed by Mott students.
Michael, one of the campers, poses in a custom postcard from Fiji!
Kids create Japanese fans, passport books, and Egyptian scarab luggage tags at St. Mary's in Flint.
Logo Design for the 2007 Kids Camp designed by Kristina Kassem.

Mott students had a very wide range of design skills. The campers’ ages and language skills (many only spoke Spanish) challenged us to create projects that would engage, yet be easy enough to be done by all participants. The lack of funding, required a resourceful approach to finding supplies.


The students teamed up to design travel posters and basic workshop projects around the world travel theme. Supplies were gathered from students' homes, other items leftover from another camp, and passing the hat. They created four days of workshops, two days onsite, and two days in the Mott graphics studio.