Focus on a Community Center

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Flint’s current generation of youth have few affordable options when it comes to positive teen activities. Gatherings of city youth often end in bad news stories. Mott's Studio 205 students have decided this semester to focus their energies on promoting creation of a new (or virtual) community center that could offer ways for youth to spend their time in pursuit of more positive growth experiences. Ideally, the project would recycle one of the many vacant buildings, but at the very least would create a virtual space where attention could be brought to some current options already available in the area.
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June 24, 2010
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Four variations of symbols (for t-shirts, ads, etc.) put the focus on Flint. Designs by Brittany Mitchell with assistance from Studio 205 members.
Logo Design to promote the concept of FOCUS on the Flint Community, designed by Kevin North & DeMarcus Smith.
Focus on Flint Community Poster, designed by Kevin North & DeMarcus Smith of Studio 205.
Focus on Flint Community Poster Designs by Albert Jencic, H.S. student enrolled at Mott Community College and mentored by his fellow Studio 205 students.
Brainstorming helped students break through creative barriers and come up with some new ideas on how to address Flint's self-identity crisis.

No such community center currently exists that fulfills the needs of local youth. And since only half the graphics students have personal experience growing up in the city, we first needed to create a bridge of understanding to suburban and rural students whose opinion of life in Flint was skewed.


Two days of brainstorming activities have really opened up the dialogue and promoted a greater understanding amongst design students from different backgrounds. Once achieved, students have been working towards building a campaign to create support for a youth and community center. This is still a work in progress.