"Create! Don't Hate." New York

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Create! Don’t Hate. is a Design Ignites Change youth mentoring initiative that guides you through the process of designing of a billboard around the theme of tolerance. Most of the world’s problems can be traced to intolerance of one group by another. From the conflicts in the Middle East, homophobia and police profiling to the repression of women, bullying on a high school campus and gang violence – intolerance in one form or another impacts all of our lives. Participants include: AIGA New York Mentoring Program, High School of Art and Design, Adobe Youth Voices and Worldstudio
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May 30, 2013
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This video has been removed.
Students and mentors gathered with their friends and families to see their billboards displayed on the Clear Channel Spectacolor HD screen in the middle of Times Square, NYC
Billboard by student Sara Ott and mentor Melanie Carnsew on display in Times Square. Photo by Nick Pellegrino
Arielle Jennings with her mentor Beth Tondreau in front of their billboard in Times Square. Photo by Nick Pellegrino
Angie Ramirez with her mentor Valerie Trucchia at the Create! Don't Hate. exhibit opening at the AIGA Gallery
A kick off event was held for the students and mentors in the library at the High School of Art and Design

The AIGANY Mentoring Program works on one large project per year. This year we are developing billboards for a digital display in Times Square. Challenges include developing concepts related to each students personal feelings on tolerance while thinking about the audience and displaying the piece in the public realm.


Each student is creating digital artwork that will be displayed in an exhibit and some students work will be selected to be displayed in Times Square on the Clear Channel Spectacolor billboard.